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Pavilion OpenChoice Storage
An all-inclusive, cloud-like subscription storage model

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OpenChoice is a new model that defies conventional thinking about how storage is procured and deployed. By eliminating Big Storage’s tightly-controlled, three-year storage refresh cycles and removing capacity-based pricing, OpenChoice Storage puts the choice to innovate, reuse and save back in the hands of IT.

Changing the Way Storage is Procured

Reuse existing standard 2.5” NVMe SSDs or procure the latest SSDs directly from the manufacturer.

Dramatically reduce CapEx costs and future-proof your investment. OpenChoice Storage™ includes support, maintenance, and software upgrades independently from storage capacity, freeing you from the hidden cost of storage expansion.

Pavilion OpenChoice Storage Bring Your Own Storage Media



Pavilion OpenChoice Storage LOWER COST OF ACQUISITION VS. AFAs








Pavilion OpenChoice Storage  BRING YOUR OWN STORAGE MEDIA


Buy YOUR own storage media, from YOUR supplier, and use it when YOU want. Eliminate Lock-in Refresh Cycles. Arbitrage freely on declining SSD prices. Increase capacity. Upgrade on your own timeline. The top NVMe SSDs are already supported, and we are always qualifying new drives.



Flat Pricing, Not Tied to Capacity

Why pay a 400% markup on standard SSDs? Why pay for maintenance, support, and software-based upon capacity? One flat price guaranteed not to change for the lifetime of the array, regardless of capacity.


Pavilion OpenChoice Storage All Inclusive, Simple Cloud Like Subscription Price

All-inclusive, SIMPLE, cloud-like subscription price guaranteed for the lifetime of the array.

You should not have to pay today’s prices for next year’s capacity. OpenChoice enables you to scale performance and capacity independently. You pay a fixed price per line card and an annual subscription guaranteed not to change for the life of the array, regardless of capacity. The subscription price includes HW Warranty + Support + Maintenance + all SW features and future SW upgrades, FOREVER. And YES, we support the entire system, even if we don’t sell the storage media. The buck stops with us. Period. And when needed, license more media slots to add more drives. Any capacity drives for that matter.



OpenChoice Storage™ along with procurement through Dell gives us ease of deployment and technical flexibility as we leverage Pavilion’s incredible performance, density, and low latencies to accelerate our massively parallel analytics workloads.

– Christopher Jordan

CData Management and Collections Group Lead, Texas Advanced Computing Center




Pavillion Support Overview:

Support service level offerings and their benefits

Pavilion’s OpenChoice and OpenChoice Plus Support Services are designed to provide a range of options that aligns to customer’s business priorities and objectives. The Pavilion platform provides customers the flexibility of adjusting their support levels as their business requirements change over time.


OpenChoice provides access to Pavilion’s global technical support team. This access is 24x7x365 and also includes software maintenance releases, call home functionality, proactive monitoring, software minor upgrades and on-site next-businessday hardware replacement.

OpenChoice Plus

OpenChoice Plus delivers access to our global technical support team 24x7x365. This includes software maintenance releases, call home functionality, proactive monitoring, and software minor upgrades. The big difference? On-site 4-Hour hardware replacement.


Global Support

Pavilion is committed to outstanding customer experience. Support staff is deeply knowledgeable in Pavilion Hyperparallel Flash Array (HFA) technology and its operation with associated hardware and software infrastructure. A 24x7x365 team of experts utilizes proven processes, tools and automation to optimize uptime and minimize risk.

Pavilion’s Customer support offers a range of services that enables our partners to achieve their business goals and fully leverage their investment.

By purchasing support, customers can trust that Pavilion’s team to provide:

  • Enterprise Storage Support for Mission Critical Applications
  • Service Levels that match specific business requirements
  • Access to NVMe Subject Matter Experts
  • On-Site Support for Hardware Replacement
  • Remote Diagnostics

No Return Service

This provides customers with the choice to receive a replacement part without having to return the media or any of the FRU components. A “Certificate of Destruction” is required for a few components. No Return Service is priced and sold separately to OpenChoice and OpenChoice Plus and any system configuration given.


Bring Your Own Media— Leverage relationships with suppliers or buy directly on the spot market. The Pavilion HFA supports major NVMe SSDs, and Pavilion is always qualifying new SSDs as they are released.


Handling of Cases

If an issue arises, a case is created in Pavilion’s call tracking application system. A subject matter expert (SME) is assigned and contacts you no later than the targeted response times shown in the table below. The SME collects any additional information required to analyze the problem and advises on the necessary steps to resolve the case. Failure to resolve after the first response results in the designated support engineer continuing the troubleshooting process, keeping in touch with you throughout, until a suitable solution/workaround is reached.

Initial Response Time Objective

Pavilion acknowledges any reported problem, question or feature request within the time frames shown below, according to its priority and severity levels. (See definitions below).

SLO Response Time

Service Level Objective (SLO) Targeted Response Time
Sev-1 (System Issue, FRU Failure, Perf Issue) 1 hour 24x7x365 *must be reported by phone*
Sev-2 (Functionality Isuue, Error Problem) 2 hours(business hours)
Sev-3 (Documentation Usability) 3 hours(business hours)
Sev-4 (General Problems) 4 hours(business hours)

Bug Fixes

This is identified by an increment to Z numerals in X.Y.Z product release, any new software release that improves the functionality and/or performance of the product without adding any significant features.

Minor Software Upgrades

This is identified by an increment to the Y numeral in the X.Y.Z product release identification and is any new release of PavilionOS (software) that introduces minor new features and functionality

Proactive Monitoring

Pavilion’s subject matter experts receive all notifications generated by the system. Should an issue be identified by an SME, they proactively open a case, analyze the information, diagnose the severity, the possible impact, and provide suggestions for corrective action.

Part Delivery And Replacement

Pavilion offers multiple cost-effective and predictable services to meet customer hardware support requirements and timelines. For customers with OpenChoice option, part delivery and replacement is Next Business Day (NBD), after the problem is diagnosed and confirmed. The cutoff time for NBD delivery of spares and/or the arrival of a field service technician is 3:00 PM local time during US business days. For those customers subscribe to OpenChoice Plus option, the target for part delivery and replacement is 4 hours, after the problem is diagnosed. After a Pavilion field service technician installs the replacement part, it is the customer’s responsibility to arrange the return of the failed unit to a Pavilion facility.

Severity Definitions

For each service request, Pavilion assigns each case according to the impact on the customer using industry-standard definitions. The severity level may be upgraded or downgraded by the customer at any time. This allows us to ensure:

  • Appropriate Speed of Response
  • Appropriate reosurces are made available
  • Appropriate escalation policies ae applied


Service Definitions

Definition of Service OpenChoice OpenChoice Plus
Technical Support 24x7x365 24x7x365
Bug Fixes and SW Updates
Supported Managed HW and Minor SW Upgrade
Call Home Functionality
Mobile Saas-based Proactive Monitoring
Onsite FRU Delivery Next Business Day (NBD*) 4 hours
Onsite FRU Break/Fix Replacement Services

*Cutoff time for NBD delivery is 3:00pm local time during business days


No Return Service

Media No Return Service** Media No Return
NVMe Media Drive Certificate of Destruction Service Required
FRU No Return Service** FRU No Return
NVMe Media Drive, PCle-Fabric, Managment Cloud and IO Line-Card Certificate of Destruction Service Required
FRU Components (Power Supply, Fan Tray, Drive-Cage) No Certificate of Destruction Service Required

**No Return Service Sold Seperately


Download the Pavilion OpenChoice Support (.PDF)