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Pavilion Data Solutions
Ultra-Fast Rack-Scale Storage Array for Massively-parallel, Modern Applications


Applications are becoming more data-driven, and to be effective they must process higher volumes of data in real time to make effective decisions.

Pavilion can turbo-charge any decision-making and analytics platform by offering massive storage bandwidth and capacity, combined with low latency, allowing larger data sets to be processed in real time.



Modernize NoSQL deployments by leveraging shared, rack-scale, low latency flash storage

The rapid rise of modern cloud applications that process data in real time and are deployed at massive scale has driven a transformation in the ways that data is consumed, processed, analyzed, and managed for use cases like IoT, Telematics, Video Analytics, Social Media, Data Science, etc. This has had an impact on the way that databases have been designed and operated. The requirements of these applications have outgrown traditional relational database technology and ushered in the rise of unstructured NoSQL databases.

Learn more about how Pavilion Data’s rack-scale flash array can improve the performance of applications built on NoSQL while lowering cost of both infrastructure and operations in large-scale NoSQL deployments.

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Deploy low-latency flash storage as a service to your MySQL Clustered Database

Businesses deploy MySQL to deliver scalability, reliability, and performance to their most demanding applications. High-performance MySQL databases typically require direct-attached storage (DAS) to maintain the necessary levels of performance, which brings along with it all of the problems inherent to DAS; low storage utilization, SKU bloat, and high operational overhead, to name a few.

Learn more about how Pavilion Data’s Rack-scale Flash Array can deliver a performance density of 1.66 TPM per unit of rack space.

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Deliver a Real-Time, High-Speed Scalable Analytics Solution with Pavilion and Splunk Enterprise

Real-time analytics deliver the actionable insights that enable businesses to remain agile and competitive. By leveraging Pavilion Data’s rack-scale flash array, organizations can analyze more data, faster, using less infrastructure, while reducing complexity.

Pavilion Data’s rack-scale flash array decreases search times while reducing data-center sprawl by leveraging a composable architecture that allows for independent scaling of storage and compute resources.

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Accelerating private cloud deployments

Kubernetes is an essential tool for organizations deploying containerized workloads at scale. The vast scalability of Kubernetes deployments is only limited by the performance and manageability of the hardware host. Direct Attached Storage (DAS) is the most common choice for these deployments, which in and of itself quickly runs into scalability challenges;  low storage utilization, SKU bloat, and high operational overhead, to name a few.

Learn more about how Pavilion Data’s Rack-scale Flash Array can improve the performance and scalability of a wide range of Kurbernetes applications.

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Apache Spark

Modern Infrastructure for Spark-based Applications

We are living in an era of data deluge and as a result, the term ‘‘big data’’ is appearing in many contexts, including meteorology, genomics, complex physics simulations, biological and environmental research, finance, IoT and healthcare. Apache Spark is an open source cluster computing framework for large-scale data processing. It provides parallel distributed processing, fault tolerance and scalability for big-data workloads.

Learn more about how Pavilion Data’s Rack-scale Flash Array accesses high volumes of data, faster, increases operational flexibility and reduces costs in Apache Spark implementations.

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Innovate On Your Timeline

OPENCHOICE is a new model that defies conventional thinking about how storage is procured and deployed. By eliminating Big Storage’s tightly-controlled, three-year storage refresh cycles and removing capacity-based pricing, OPENCHOICE Storage puts the choice to innovate, reuse and save back in the hands of IT.

Learn more about how Pavilion OPENCHOICE Storage is an all-inclusive, cloud-like subscription storage model.

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